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 Lindsay® Template Graver Sharpening 

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Order below


Pros/Cons of FoolProof and ColletMaster sharpening fixtures

Since releasing the original FoolProof template sharpener we have made various designed fixtures for sharpening with collets.  We even had a FAQ saved for this, because engravers had emailed asking.  There also have been people making their DIY ones through these years.  Unfortunately, the conclusion is that using the collet process sharpening ends up taking longer when compared the simpler fool proof fixture.  This is because setting the length takes more time in comparison to using the original FoolProof fixture, particularly when graver beads are used for setting length with the FoolProof fixture. And a thumbscrew speeds up the process even further.  Thumbscrews can be used in the standard nose or in collets used in the collet nosed AirGraver.  Even with the disadvantages of the ColletMaster we have released it.   It is called ColletMaster.  pats. pend.  It can be ordered further down on this page.  While it has the unique features of both the body and shaft being reversible and the shaft can be ordered with dual ends, it is still not as reliable of choice for sharpening compared with the original FoolProof sharpener.  Before ordering a ColletMaster it is recommended that you order at the same time or have previously ordered and have the original FoolProof sharpening figure.  This is for a back up in case the ColletMaster is damaged and becomes disabled.  ColletMaster warranty does not cover dropping, dings or damage that would disable it if the sliding fit is damage. The original FoolProof fixutre can take damage and still function reliably, but the ColletMaster can not.

Watch video to the end for information about both fixtures

Original FoolPoof™
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ColletMaster™ reversible
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Pros/Cons Chart
Video FoolPoof™ ColletMaster™
Is durable when damaged so that it can still work? Yes
It basically has no sliding parts.   If damaged or dropped repeatable accuracy is maintained.
Has close sliding fit parts. If dropped and dinged the parts may not fit and slide, which will disable the ability to set length.  It would then be disabled from working and sharpening.
Can thumbscrew be used? Yes
Use a thumbscrew in a collet for quick, removable installation (or in standard nose)
The collet needs to slide within the body of fixture to set length distance.  A thumbscrew will not allow this, so a setscrew is needed.
Faster? Yes
When used with supplied tube length gage it is quicker.  When used with graver beads and a thumbscrew to  hold the graver in a collet or standard nose AirGraver, it is even faster.

An engraver initially shapes a graver once and from then on it can be resharpened hundreds of times.  With a graver bead the length is set automatically when resharpening.   Graver beads are free $0.00Add To Cart 

FoolProof sets both the length and locks the graver in place with a thumb screw.

Setting the length the graver protrudes with ruler or gauge can be slower, partiality  compared to using graver beads.  If desired a large diameter length gauge can be uses if the graver being sharpening is 2 1/8 or longer.  If shorter a ruler can be used then.

Has repeatability when resharpening? Yes No
If a graver is taken out of a collet that it was initially sharpened in and then placed in another collet, there is a good chance the facets will not line up.  This means a parallel heel graver will not be parallel.  Totally regrinding all  the facets of that point while it is in the collet it is currently installed in would then be required.
Price Less Expensive More Expensive
Can colored graver beads be used in setting length? Yes
See video
See video

Lindsay FoolProof™ Graver Sharpener


Sharpening FoolProof fixture (aka Lindsay sharpening fixture) alone without templates (this is the metal portion that holds the templates and graver) $66.00  add_to_cart.gif
Does not include template Order templates here

Instructions for using the sharpener

Customization: The standard fixture will hold 3/32" square and 3/32" round.  Use the button on the right to order a customized fixture to hold 1/8" round shanks. It is $25 more than a $66 standard one.  Once customized it will not hold 3/32" square or 3/32" round well any longer, but only 1/8" round.   Other customization is possible. Contact us.

Customize FoolProof fixture to hold 1/8" round shanks,  $25 Additional  add_to_cart.gif

Thumbs screw -  For collet nose or standard  nose.   Can be used in place of set screws.  $0.50  add_to_cart.gif

Colored graver beads are good for several uses. Use them to help identify your gravers. Also set them at the proper distance for resharpening with the FoolProof™ fixture. Use the length gauge that comes with the sharpener to help you place the bead in the correct location on the graver. They are free when placing an order with something else on the site.
 $0.00 FreeAdd To Cart

Quick Re-sharpening

Spend more time engraving and less time being a mathematician and sharpening!  Graver beads and thumbscrews speed up sharpening. 

Use graver beads for a length stop in the FoolProof sharpener. They together with a template sets the angle your point is ground at automatically. Fast repeatable grinding.  Engravers will initially sharpen a new graver and from then on if that graver is used every day it may get resharpened 3 to 20 times. That is 1100 to 7000 times a year! Using a graver bead on each graver in the correct location makes resharpening fast,
particularity when also together a thumbscrew.

Sharpening Bead Setter
Easily tweak sharpener template angles with this bead setter for the FoolProof fixture
(aka Lindsay sharpening fixture)  To use: insert graver into desired hole and push in to automatically set proper length.  Depending on the hole used it will raise or lower the included angle of the point.  Settings are -2.5, + 2.5 and +8. Also a setting of default 0  with it being the same as original. For use with various Lindsay templates that have written on them 1.25" point extend.  

 FoolProof Sharpener Bead Setter (brass fixture in photo only) $84 add_to_cart.gif Order thumbscrews and free graver beads below.

Photos on left are of a bead placed in the proper position with using the +8 included angle hole in the bead setter sold above.   Note it is a lower setting (extended out less) than default will that in will create a blunter  included point angle for a stronger tip.  Click to enlarge.

Why thumb screw from plastic?  We used to use metal ones but for thumb screws we have learned the plastic actually holds better.  They do not vibrate and don't need to be tightened as much since the threads have some give.  Particularity when used in the ArtGraver noses, collets. 

Plastic thumb screw -  For collet nose or standard  nose handpieces.  Also these are used in the sharpener.   $0.50  add_to_cart.gif

Colored graver beads are good for several uses. Use them to help identify your gravers. Also set them at the proper distance for resharpening with the FoolProof™ fixture.  They are free when placing an order with something else on the site.
 $0.00 FreeAdd To Cart

ColletMaster™ Graver Sharpener

ColletMaster Sharpener
pats. pend.
Sharpen a graver without removing it from the collet.  Works with short and long collets. Pros/Cons

The ColletMaster fixture requires manually setting the length that the collet/graver protrudes for each sharpening (unless you are sharpening the same one done previously.    In comparison, the original FoolProof fixture sold above is faster and simpler for resharpening particularly when used with graver beads to preset the length of graver.  Video for help about this, and with instructions. 

ColletMaster™ graver sharpening fixture as illustrated to the left. Pros/Cons One end of shaft configured to hold collets.   (Note: graver beads do not work for setting sharpening lengths with this fixture.  The distance from the template plate to the point needs to be adjusted to 2" for each sharpening.  See video)  
Does not include template or collets Order templates here

Optional length gauge (gauge only) $8.50 add_to_cart.gif
The length gauge for setting proper distance the point protrudes from fixture.   This can instead be done with a ruler.

Templates slide over the front, although it can be reversed and still work.

Double End ColletMaster Reversible- patents pending. Pros/Cons Standard: the non working end of the shaft is plain, however it can be made to also hold another graver shank shape (as the one has in the above photo).  The holder as well as the shaft can be utilized to be double ended and hold and sharpen from either end.  For example, along with the collet holder at one end, the other end can be configured to hold rounds: 1/8", 3/32", 1/16 diameter. Customization price shown below for one of these diameters is $62  in addition to the $233 shown above. Please email for quote if another shape is needed.  In the note section seen when ordering, specify if the 2nd end is to hold 1/8", 3/32" or 1/16  $345 add_to_cart.gif
Does not include template Order templates here



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